Sunday, January 29, 2006

Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson in Syracuse

Eliot Spitzer spoke at the Sheetmetal Workers Hall on Pulaski Street in Syracuse on Satuday. Syracuse was Spitzer's third stop of the day. He also made visits to Buffalo, Rochester and Westchester County.

Changing the status quo is what Eliot Spitzer is about, and it is what this campaign is about. His choice for running mate is David Paterson, D-Manhattan, who Spitzer hopes will be a lieutenant governor who will take the lead for him on many of the important challenges facing our state. Mr. Paterson is the quick-on-his feet Senate Democrat leader who has engineered a party comeback in the Republican-controlled chamber. Here's more about the way Attorney General Spitzer came to his decision about Mr. Paterson.

Desperate Republicans have been upset because Eliot Spitzer has been tough on their special interests - the big businesses that have been systematically robbing everyday New Yorkers.

He said that we need to see decency, fairness, and openness in government - and apply them to health care, education, etc. We have seen enough of the ever-growing gap between the haves and have nots in New York State.
We shouldn't be shy about speaking up about how we feel.
We need to do something different.
We have to rattle the cages.
You don't change the world by whispering.
You'll never change the status quo by accepting it.
We will not succeed unless we reform our state government

Eliot Spitzer says that what the people care about - and what we have to focus on - is improving the lives of our kids, so they'll stay here, they'll put down their roots, they'll buy homes, and become part of the community.