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Cheney Visits Upstate NY

Posted by: Elizabeth Vetrano,
Assignment Editor
Created: 7/8/2006 10:54:46 AM
Updated: 7/9/2006 11:25:22 AM

Vice President Dick Cheney is heading to upstate New York next week to stump for a fellow Republican.

Cheney is scheduled to attend a fundraising event July 14th for state Senator Raymond Meier in the race for the 24th Congressional District now held by Representative Sherwood Boehlert. Boehlert, a New Hartford Republican who has held the seat since 1982, announced his decision not to seek re-election in March.

Another possible GOP candidate is Robert Camera of Geneva. The Democratic candidate is Michael Arcuri, the Oneida County district attorney.

The 24th Congressional District covers parts of 11 counties in central New York. The U-shaped district runs from the Utica area in the east, south to the Binghamton area and then northwest to the Auburn-Seneca Falls area.

-Call out the Hounds!!!


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Blogger NoMoreArcuri said...

Ya what hounds? As far as we can see, Mike Arcuri's corruption is speaking volumes.

6:42 PM  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

good another race to watch...

9:13 PM  
Blogger Undeniable Liberal said...

Darth Cheney has slithered out from his undisclosed location recently and gave one of his typical fear and smear speeches. The guy obviously isn't coached by Rove, and it's a surprise that they let him out unsupervised. Basically, in the speech, he committed Republicunt Blasphemy by indirectly violated the reputation of the greatest president of all time, the one who singlehandedly defeated communism,(even WITH Alzheimer's) Saint Ronald Raygun. And he dissed Dubya's daddy as well. He spews his caustic bile:

"If we follow Congressman Murtha's advice and withdraw from Iraq the same way we withdrew from Beirut in 1983 and Somalia in 1993, all we will do is validate the al-Qaeda strategy and invite even more terrorist attacks," Washington Post

So let me get this straight. Raygun pulled us out of Beirut, and his daddy was the one that got us into Somalia(yeah, I know, Clinton was blamed for pulling out, no pun intended). So using the current Republicunt logic, Saint Ronnie and Daddy Bush appeased the terrorists, therefore, 9-11 was their fault?

8:28 AM  
Blogger Ibrahimblogs said...

I liked the post. It is detailed and thorough.

Keep blogging!!

This is Ibrahim from Israeli Uncensored News

2:49 AM  

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