Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New York: 'Dead Last' in Voting Reform

Read this Editorial,
New York Times
January 24th, 2006
[Verified Voting]
There are times when residents of New York can only look to the State Capitol in Albany and ask, What in tarnation are those people doing?

..The Board of Elections needs to set guidelines that require systems that are secure and controlled by the state. And any New Yorkers with clout in Washington - like Governor Pataki, Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg - need to start pleading with the Justice Department to give New York time to get it right.

A Critique of State Elections Board Voting Machine Guidelines is available. [pdf]

Other reference:
The federal Justice Department has threatened to sue New York State over its failure to modernize its voting system, saying New York "is further behind" every other state in complying with new guidelines stemming from the 2000 presidential election dispute.


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Fred Bieling said...
Hello, NavySwan directed me over here...I'll be doing some more reading before commenting to much, come on over to my spot and check it out when you have the time...

2:21 PM PST

Sorry it took a few days to respond. I've been away for a bit. I appreciate the comment on my blog. I like what I read here on yours. I'm going to link to your site and use you as a source for following Eliot Spitzer's campaign. I'm a fan of his.

I'll have more articles up this week and check back in on your site soon. When I rebuild my blogroll, I'll add you to it.

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