Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thursday, June 16: Video: "The Take"

Video: The Take
Thurs., June 16, 7 pm
Westcott Community Center, 826 Euclid Ave

SPC is showing the "The Take" Thurs, June 16, 7 pm at the Westcott Community Center. This award-winning documentary runs about 90 minutes. Discussion and refreshments will follow.

In the wake of Argentina's spectacular economic collapse in 2001, Latin America's most prosperous middle class finds itself in a ghost town of abandoned factories and mass unemployment. In suburban Buenos Aires, thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act - the take - has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head.

Director/producer Avi Lewis (Counterspin) and writer/producer and renowned author Naomi Klein (No Logo) take viewers inside the lives of ordinary visionaries, as they reclaim their work, their dignity and their democracy.

The showing is free and open to the public (bring a donation if you can).

You can find more info on the film and the movement at the film's website: