Thursday, May 12, 2005

Coming May 17:Does the Military Hit the Spot?

Date: Tuesday, May 17
Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm
Place: Northeast Community Center in the senior room. Center is
connected to the Dr. Weeks Elementary School, 716 Hawley Avenue.
Cost: Free! Food and Drink will be served.

This Tuesday, May 17, get the real story about enlisting in the US Army. At the event, Hashim Bey, a former enlistee, will talk about his experiences with recruiters while in high school. A single parent when he joined the Army, he thought it would enable him to provide a better life for his son. He later learned that most of his pay in the military would be sucked away by everyday expenses like shoe polish, uniforms, and severe fines.

There will be two other speakers: a Nottingham High School parent who will share her feelings about recruiters in the schools, and a Nottingham student who will tell about his decision-making process in deciding whether or not to join the Marines. This program will give students information about positive alternatives to joining the military such as vocations or college.

Often the military presents itself as the best source of funding for college, while in reality most enlistees never receive any money for college from the military.

The program will be sponsored by Peace Action of Central New York and the Military Alternatives Education Project, a task force including Peace Action CNY, the Syracuse Peace Council, Syracuse Greens, Pax Christi, Jail Ministries, and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

The event is scheduled for 6 pm, Tuesday, May 17. It will be held in
the senior room of the Northeast Community Center, connected to the Dr. Weeks Elementary School, 716 Hawley Avenue, in Syracuse. Parents and children are encouraged to attend. The event is free and food and drink will be served.

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